Show Reports

Worcester & District

Chrysanthemum & Dahlia Society


The Spring Show at Lower Broadheath Village Hall was very well supported this year with excellent exhibits in all the classes and it was great to see some very good exhibit in the novice section. Many thanks to go our judge Derek Walker who had plenty of quality exhibits to judge.

The ‘Best Bloom in Show’ and the Daffodil Society Bronze Medal’ was a superb bloom of ‘Banker’ exhibited by Colin Parkes. The Championship class, the ‘E A Jew Cup’, the ‘Daffodil Society Diploma’ for the best daffodils exhibit of in the show was won by John Griffin with an outstanding exhibit of ‘Round Oak’, ‘Altun Ha’ and ‘Lakeland Fair’, The ‘Trophy Class’ was by Robin Pearce using ‘Bravoure’, ‘River Queen’, ‘Beautiful Dream’, ‘Gold Convention’, Pacific Rim’ and ‘State Express’. The best container of growing daffodils and ‘The Daffodil Society Diploma’ was ‘Hawera’ exhibited by John Steel. The ‘Spring Show Shield’ for the most points in the show was won by Richards Spiers. The quality of exhibits in the Auricula classes was very good and Derek Tilt’s pan of Pleione was superb.


Championship Class - John Griffin

‘Round Oak’, ‘Altun Ha’ and ‘Lakeland Fair’


Best Bloom in show 'Banker' - Colin Parkes

The Late Show at Laylocks Garden Centre was so well supported and that we struggled to find room for all the exhibits.

NCS Silver Medal for the Best Vase in Show was won by Jack Gilbert with his superb exhibit of ‘Dorridge Celebration’, it also won the J Powell Cup for the Best Vase of incurve, NCS Bronze Medal for Runner up to the Best Vase in Show was ‘Jill Anderton’ exhibited by Derek Evans.

The winner of Class 1 and the Holloway Cup for Best Exhibit in Show was George Proverbs using ‘Kath Stephenson Primrose’, ‘Kath Stephenson Rose’ and ‘Lydia Mannion Primrose’

The Denith Cup for the most points in Section A was won by Chris Amphlett.


Laylocks Garden Centre




The new layout at the Early Show worked very well, allowing more space for the vegetables and pot plants to be exhibited at their best. The show was well supported and it was good to see some new exhibitors. John Hadley was on fine form with his superb vases of ‘Billy Bell’ win both the NCS Silver and Bronze Medals, his Silver Medal vase also won the ‘Royal Worcester Porcelain Trophy’. The Chrysanthemum Championship class was won by Chris Amphlett with ‘Joyce Frieda’, ‘Billy Bell’ and ‘Rita Fox’, he also won the ‘Ted Dew Cup’ and was awarded the ‘Challenge Cup’ for the most points in the Chrysanthemum section. The ‘G Craven Trophy’ for the Best Vase of Sprays was awarded to ‘Yellow Talbot Parade’ exhibited by Fred Hunt. In the novice Chrysanthemum section Karen Thorpe won the ‘Novice Challenge Cup’.

Terry Witherall took the NDS Silver Medal with an excellent vase of ‘Marston George’, The NDS Bronze Medal was won by Cliff Wragg from Wotton Wawen with a very fine bloom of ‘Sir Alf Ramsey’, The Dahlia Championship Class was won by Robin Pearce using ‘Ryecroft Brenda T’, ‘Trelyn Kiwi’ and ‘Willo’s Violet’, Robin also won the ‘Amateur Challenge Cup’ for the most points in the Dahlia section and the ‘Joan Davies Memorial Cup with ‘Willo’s Violet’ and ‘Leslie’s Willo’. The ‘Peter Blane Shield’ went to Dave Walker. Terry Witherall’s display of cactus dahlia was awarded the ‘Peter Walker Plate’. In the Dahlia Novice section Karen Thorpe won both the ‘Special Challenge Cup’ and the ‘Fred Sharpe Cup’.

It was good to see more entries in the vegetable section this year. The NVS Medal and the ‘Don Davies Memorial Shield’ was won by Fred Hunt with a dish of shallots and he also received the ‘Wright Trophy’ for the most points in the vegetable section. Charlie Hodges won the ‘Harry Banner Master Gardener’ Competition. In the Special section Fred Hunt won the ‘Chatterton Cup’ with his vase of roses.




At the Single Bloom Show our judge Jason Smith was kept busy as it was difficult to find space for all the dahlia entries on the benches.


The following exhibitors won the best in section:

Chrysanthemums - Chris Amphlett - ‘Joyce Frieda’

Dahlias - Mike Crump - ‘Ryecroft Jan’

Vegetables - Terry Witherall – Onions



The Floral exhibit stage by the Society at Worcester City Show created much interest with visitors who attended the show in record numbers this year, the display feature dahlias grown by Terry and Robin, they were complimented perfectly by Mike Crump’s begonias and streptocarpus.


Best Exhibit in Show

Winner of The 'E A Jew Cup'

- Colin Parkes


'Cape Cornwall'

'Crown Dale'

Championship Class Winner



This year show was held in the evening at Lower Broadheath Village Hall and proved to be a great success with the bench packed with quality blooms, Colin Parkes on fine form winning the Championship Class ‘E.A.Jew Cup’ with an excellent exhibit of ‘Ombersley’, ‘Cape Cornwall’ and ‘Crown Dale’, his exhibit was the best exhibit in the show, he also won the ‘Daffodil Society Bronze Medal’ for the best bloom in the show with ‘Barbara Ann’ and the ‘Spring Show Shield for the most points in the show. Richard Spiers won the best exhibit of growing daffodils with ‘Hawera’. The ‘Trophy Class’ was won by Robin Pearce using ‘Sea Legend’, ‘Royal Viking’, ‘Arkle’, ‘Misty Glen’, ‘Altun Ha’ and ‘Golden Rapture




We enjoyed one of the best Late Show in recent years, the changes to the schedule suggested by Jack Gilbert were a great success and helped to fill the benches with top quality exhibits. It was good to see new exhibitors Arthur Wilks, Dean Laws and Albert Warr at the Show this year.

The main prize winners were:

Best Exhibit in Show -The Holloway Cup - Jack Gilbert with ‘White Fairweather’ and ‘Woolman’s Venture’ this exhibit also won the NCS Certificate

Best Vase in Show – NCS Silver Medal - Arthur Wilks with ‘Bryony Wade’

Runner up to Best Vase in Show NCS Bronze Medal – Chris Amphlett with ‘Alexis’

Best Vase of Reflex in show – The J Powell Cup - Chris Amplett with 'Pat Miller'

Most Points in Show - Jack Gilbert

Best Exhibit in Novice Section – The Late Show Challenge Cup – Dean Law with 'Peach Fairweather’

Runner up to Best Exhibit in Novice Section – NCS Certificate – Dean Law with ‘Peach Fairweather’.

Most Point in Novice Section – Dean Law



The Early Show at Laylocks Garden Centre was one of the best in recent times with all sections well supported. Chris Amplett was on good form winning both the NDS Silver and Bronze medals with vases of ‘Billy Bell’. The Chrysanthemum Championship was won by Cliff Arnold with a fine exhibit using ‘Yellow Billy Bell’,’Billy Bell’ and ‘Yellow Wingfield’ Ron Guest’s superb exhibit of ‘Sir Alf Ramsey’, ‘Sheval Megan’ and ‘Trelyn Kiwi’ won the Dahlia Championship Class. The Silver Medal was awarded to Ron’s vase of ‘Sir Alfred Ramsey’ and the Bronze Medal to his excellent vase of ‘Sheval Megan’ a new cultivar from Terry Bratcher. Karen Thorpe won both the Dahlia Novice Cup and the ‘Ladies Cup’ In the Vegetable Section Fred Hunt’s exhibit of leeks won the NVS medal and he also won the ‘Harry Banner Master Gardener Competition’. Bob Oliver had the most points in the section and received the RHS Bankisan Medal for the most points in the show.


The Summer Single Bloom Show was very well supported with Terry Witherall winning the best in show for chrysanthemum with ‘Joyce Freda’ and dahlias with ‘Mary’s Jomanda’, Fred Hunt’ s leeks were again awarded best vegetable in the show.